Welcome to Brain Damage Drawings! I tried for years to draw, taking classes, studying, and practicing all through grade school and even college. The best I could produce was cartoonish images. Then in 2008 I experienced a head injury resulting in brain damage which put me in a wheelchair and then a walker for months, with major memory loss, vision problems, and balance issues.

Several years after the head injury my daughter and a close friend were having Saturday Night Art at our house. I wanted to be included in the evening, so I picked up my yellow number two pencil and tried to draw a jumping horse in my journal.

To my great surprise, my drawing looked remarkably like the image from which I was working. I tried again, in case this was a fluke.

Incredibly, the drawing was again somewhat realistic.

From then on the images I created all looked quite realistic! I definitely couldn’t do this prior to the head injury. One of the few blessings of brain damage, but I’ll take it. From there I began drawing on the days in which weather prohibited working outdoors at my full time job as a horse trainer and riding instructor. Gradually I improved, and the drawings got larger and larger, even to doing a huge landscape of the middle east with a shepherd and her flock of sheep which was published in the Exponent II magazine in their winter 2020 issue.

Now I continue to produce many drawings in black and white for my own enjoyment. I often give them as gifts, donate drawings to animal rescues, and I do take orders for commissions if you’d like a portrait.