Despite years of trying to draw, at best my work looked like cartoons. Then, in 2008, I experienced a head injury and brain damage. After the injury I discovered I could draw realistically! Now I produce portraits of animals in graphite, charcoal, oil and chalk pastels. I also create custom drawings of homes for both homeowners and realtors to give as gifts when a property sells.


Pookie, a dog whose portrait I was commissioned in December 2020. 8″x10″


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Nina, a domestic shorthair cat who was rescued with her three kittens in 2008. Loved by my childhood best friend, 5″x7″ December 2020


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A Quarter Horse/Mustang cross who was at Bit of Honey Training to learn to be a riding horse, 11×14″, December 2018


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This was drawn from a steeplechase photograph, 24″x36″ November 2020


True Brit “Fergie”, a Thoroughbred/Clydesdale cross who lived at Bit of Honey Training for many years. 8×10″

Elle and Foal

This is a warmblood mare, Elle, with her first foal born in August 2020. 18×24″


Sam is an Off Track Thoroughbred, owned and loved by one of the riders at Bit of Honey Training . 8×10″


War Drum Dixie Chick “Rain” was a paint mare owned and loved by a client at Bit of Honey Training, 8×10″


Miles was a tricolored and three legged border collie who helped train horses at Bit of Honey until he passed away in 2019. 6×9″

Border Collie Collage

These dogs are the border collies I’ve had helping me train horses through the past 15 years. Each image is 5×6″, and left to right they are Belle, Forrest, Miles, Pascal, and Rizzo (the honorary border collie who doesn’t have border collie in her genetics but still does the work of a border collie).

To see more pieces and current work in progress please see the blog