I came across a photo of Highboy, my personal OTTB who raced (and now competes at horseshows) under the name Colorado High. I love the unusual angle of his neck and braids.

“Highboy,” Colorado High, 12×18″, on charcoal paper in graphite, conte crayon, and charcoal

After doing this on charcoal paper, I wanted to try again on regular sketch paper which is not as textured. I did this one larger, 18×22″, with graphite, charcoal, and conte crayon.

Just for fun, here are all three, the original photo, the charcoal paper drawing, and the sketch paper drawing all together.

Contact BrainDamageDrawings@gmail.com to purchase

12×18″ for $150 unframed

18×22″ for $300 framed

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